UN General Assembly votes for the Goldstone report

The United Nations General Assembly voted on Thursday evening on a draft resolution submitted by Arab countries and Senegal on the Goldstone report which accuses Israeli of committing war crimes

Maqdisi society exposes Israeli plan to demolish more Palestinian homes in O.J.

The Maqdisi society said on Thursday that it possesses an important document revealing the intention of the Israeli occupation authority to demolish 40 Palestinian homes in the occupied city of

The Internet Islamist Politics in Jordan, Morocco, and Egypt

The end of the twentieth century and the beginning of the twenty-first saw a dissemination of the Internet as a center of communication, information, entertainment and commerce. The spread of

Subjugation causing oppression

In the Indian occupied Kashmir human rights violations by Indian occupation forces is a routine matter. No day passes calmly. Cries, protests and demonstrations by the affected and sufferers are

Boycott of Islamist movements to Arab leaders’ summit in Damascus.

It seems that the Syrian authorities will be facing an embarrassing predicament if the leaders of Sunni Islamist movements insist on boycotting the Arab Leaders summit later this week. Ali

The Muslim Brotherhood Facing Up To Iran

The London-based Iranian conference which raises the slogan of Islamic unity "will be nothing more than a means to communicate destructive sectarian ideas to Islamic countries that are not aware