Reflections on Fort Hood

One of my staff members wrote in an email 'hold my breath and pray that it’s not an Arab involved' — because we know that if it is some may

Tragedy at Ft. Hood: a Catalyst for Change?

The American Muslim community have been the victims of widespread and carefully contrived anti-Muslim sentiment before and after the events of 9/11, whatever their origin. What Hasan did was murder,

No dignity for Egyptians

No mechanism exists to truly hold the Egyptian regime accountable to the people. The regime is rather concerned with the powers that sustain its long-standing rule: the military; the businessmen

Release orders for 15 MB members contested.

The appeals court in Meet Ghamr decided on issuing a release order for 15 of Dakahleya's Muslim Brotherhood members however the release order was challenged and a further hearing is

Muslim Americans Brace for Backlash in the Wake of Ft Hood Tragedy

When a person who happens to be a member of an established religion, say a Christian or a Jew, commits a crime, the media refers to him as a criminal

Renewal of detention of 17 MB’s in Suez and the arrest of two MB members

The Muslim Brotherhood's defense lawyers for Suez’s Muslim Brotherhood's detainees submitted yesterday an appeal against the Suez Misdemeanor Court’s decision, which was issued on October 15, for a further 45

Katatni nominates himself and challenges Sorour for the Presidency of the Peoples Assembly.

Assembly in The Muslim Brotherhood Parliamentary bloc has announced that it will nominate candidates to elections for various positions. MB bloc leader Dr Saad Katatni is expected to run for

Two Azhar students arrested despite prosecution’s acquittal

The Interior Ministry once again challenged the prosecution today and ordered the continued detention of Zaher Abdel-Fattah (4th Grader, Faculty of Theology- Al Azhar University, and Mansoura Branch) and his

Israeli Jews and the One-state Solution

"Anyone who rejects the two-state solution, won't bring a one-state solution. They will instead bring one war, not one state. A bloody war with no end." -- Israeli President Shimon

Egyptians, Islamic leaders, condemn US military shooting, fear the future

Egyptian Islamic leaders have condemned the shooting of American troops at Fort Hood after speculation that Maj. Nidal Hassan had links to radical Muslim leaders in the United States. Prominent