Afghanistan’s Corruption

Of 180 countries that Transparency International gauges on a 'corruption index,' only Somalia is worse than number 179: Afghanistan. Pratap Chatterjee describes how it works.

Abdel Maksoud: Military Tribunal to Carry out Dictatorship rule

Abdel-Moneim Abdel-Maksoud, the Muslim Brotherhood's lawyer and MB military detainees' chief attorney, ascertained that the military tribunal detainees are paying a high price with their continued detention. However he expressed


The recent presidential election was a spectacle of fraud; the Afghan Army, despite years of training, may hardly exist; the ill-paid, ill-trained Afghan police are known to operate on the

Crisis in Islamic Education

To copy the practices of backward tribal groups in Afghanistan and Pakistan does not make sense in modern Indonesia nor does it make good Muslims, stresses Terry Lacey.

The Politics of Soccer: The Algerian-Egyptian Confrontation

In recent weeks possible candidates to inherit power from current presidents found a good opportunity to advertise their faces. Said Bouteflika, the Algerian President’s brother and his special consultant will

Rabbi Book: Kill Violators of Jewish Law

A book published this week by a radical Jewish rabbi from the Israeli-occupied West Bank and endorsed by prominent religious right-wing figures suggests killing any non-Jew, including children and babies,

Aswan MB students hold a rally endorsing anti-prejudice

The Muslim Brotherhood students in Aswan organized an awareness rally hoping to encourage youths to support the Egyptian football team without narrow-mindedness and prejudice. The rally was initiated in an

Hussein Ibrahim in an interview with Ikhwanweb, Our Agenda in the Parliament’s new session

Ahmed Ezz’s Sharp Attack not to no veil as it is strongly recognition with MB MPs’ performance and steadfastness

FAA and NORAD Changed Records to Accord with Cheney Lies

A senior Counsel for the 9/11 Commission, John Farmer, has written a book exposing the degree to which our response to 9/11 was disorganized and outdated–geared to respond to an

Secretary Gates signs order barring release of torture photos

Pursuant to new powers delegated to him by Congress, Secretary of Defense Robert Gates has executed an order blocking the release of photos depicting the torture of detainees.