94 year old Abdul Khalek’s Doctoral thesis awarded Honorary Degree

The Faculty of Law, Cairo University, in one of science and academic wonders, awarded researcher Mohamed Farid Abdel Khaliq 94, one of the Muslim Brotherhood's first generation a PhD with

MB MP attributes lack of appropriate protection of Egypt’s football fans to foreign ministry.

Mustafa Mohamed member of the Muslim Brotherhood Parliamentary bloc submitted an urgent questioning to Foreign Minister Ahmed Abul Gheit with regards to the deplorable incidents that took place in Sudan

Middle Eastern Democrats and Their Vision of the Future, Keynote Address

The National Endowment for Democracy hosted a day-long meeting to discuss the ongoing prospects for democracy in the Middle East.

Egyptian Military Court of Appeals fails to rectify injustice

Amnesty International condemns the failure of Egypt's military appeals court to overturn sentences imposed on leading members of the banned Muslim Brotherhood organization after unfair trials and calls on the

Report of Judicial Observatory in the trial of”The six political detainees” in Morocco (Belliraj Case)

Around 3:00 a.m. on Tuesday July 28th, 2009, the Primary Court of Sale (Morocco) issued its ruling regarding the detainees in the so called "Belliraj case."

Minarets in the Land of Freedom (Part two)

In his recently published book Les Minarets de la Discorde. Eclairages sur un Débat Suisse et Européen, which discusses the controversy around minarets in Switzerland, Dr. Patrick Haenni gives an

Cairo life resumes its grind after World Cup hopes dashed

Nov 19, 2009 (AFP) - Loss and bitterness replaced triumph on Thursday as life in Cairo resumed its daily grind after Algeria ended the Pharoahs' World Cup hopes.

Mideast democracy: can’t be exported or imported, but – despite dilemmas – must be supported

The dilemmas of reconciling security and human rights, stability and reform, and external and internal drivers for change were the dominant themes running through a conference on Middle East democracy

Dr. Abul-Fotouh attends discussion on Abdul-Khalek’s PhD thesis.

Dr. Abdel Moneim Abul Fotouh, recently released detainee, and Member of the Executive Bureau of the Muslim Brotherhood, and Secretary-General of the Arab Doctors Union, attended the discussion of a

Abu Mazen’s Final Battle

Fatah had not yet fully recovered from the aftershocks of the Goldstone Report when Hamas surprised them by extending a hand of friendship to the US president. By deciding not