Abul Magd congratulates Abul Fotouh on his recent release.

Recently released Dr Abdul Monem Abul Fotouh secretary general of the Arab Doctors Union and a distinguished member of the Muslim Brotherhood Bureau received a warm and heart-felt telegraph congratulating

Friends of humanity asks Egypt to allow passage for Gazan students

The international organization "Friends of Humanity" has asked Cairo to put a final end to the problem of Palestinian students and other citizens stranded in the Gaza Strip.

ITUC Condemns Israel’s settlement expansion

The international trade union confederation has condemned the Israeli expansion of the Gilo settlement in the West Bank, describing the act as "illegal and immoral".

New Israeli air raids on Gaza wound seven, damage homes

Palestinian eyewitnesses said that the Israeli air raids targeted a mobile home in northern Gaza and Al-Qassas area in Yibna refugee camp in Rafah,

CMWU: The water situation in Gaza reached a critical stage

Director of coastal municipality water utility (CMWU) Mundher Shiblak warned Saturday that the current water situation in the Gaza Strip reached a critical stage, adding that Gaza water is no

Arab League demands international inspection of Israeli jails

The general secretariat of the Arab League has called for opening the Israeli jails for international inspection and monitoring to put an end to the Israeli violations of Arab and

Khater slams Arabs for not showing zeal for Aqsa as they do with football

Secretary-general of the Islamic-Christian commission Hasan Khater stated Saturday that Israel would not have dared to Judaize the occupied city of Jerusalem, desecrate its holy shrines and displace its people

B’Tselem: Israel killed 1,500 Palestinians since start of 2009

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM-- The Israeli occupation forces (IOF) have killed 1,500 Palestinians since the start of 2009 mostly in the 22-day war on the Gaza Strip, the Israeli information center for

IOA renews administrative detention of Dr. Fidda

NABLUS -- The Israeli occupation authority (IOA) renewed the administrative detention, without trial or charge, of Dr. Majeda Fidda for three months for the fifth time running, the international Tadamun

Nofal: Settlement activities intended for imposing a status quo in W.B and J’lem

Hamas lawmaker Emad Nofal stated Sunday that the escalating Israeli settlement expansion is aimed at imposing a status quo in the West Bank and occupied Jerusalem in order to make