Backlash against Muslims after Ft. Hood shootings

In the wake of the Fort Hood, Texas shootings Nov. 5 which left 13 dead and more than two dozen wounded allegedly by an Army psychiatrist who is a Muslim,

Egypt’s Nile Delta going bye-bye?

It continues to spark controversy and debate: what is going on with Egypt’s Nile Delta region. According to some analysts, and even the government, the northern Nile Delta is under

Egypt reports 10th Swine Flu death

Egypt on Sunday reported the 10th death from the deadly H1N1 influenza virus, commonly known as the Swine flu, as Egypt continues to witness the spread of the disease.

Egypt close to securing Israel-Hamas deal, officials say

CAIRO: Reports coming from Egypt on Monday indicate that a prisoner exchange deal between Hamas and Israel is closer to becoming a reality after Israel allegedly softened its hard-line terms

Iran’s Crisis of Resistance

The "war on terror" was pretty great for Iran's hardliners. The Bush administration's 2002 inclusion of Iran in the "Axis of Evil" was a major blow to Iranian moderates, discrediting

Islamist Politics at MESA

Greetings from the 2009 annual meeting of the Middle East Studies Association, where I’ve had the pleasure of attending four panels so far, all of which were interesting.

Can Elbaradei get elected as President in Egypt?

At November's end, Mohammed Elbaradei will be stepping down as the chief of the International Atomic Energy Agency.

Clovis Maksoud: Sanctions are the means to find an end

This time Dr Maksoud provided insights into the tragic Palestinian political situation, the lack of Arab and Muslim political will to move effectively to restore justice to Palestinians, the Goldstone

Swine Flu in the Middle East, pro-vaccine propagandists…and the evils of vaccinations

Many Arabs fear that there will be a serious outbreak of swine flu this winter. Middle Eastern countries have activated preparedness plans and begun adopting preventative measures to protect their

Middle East Democracy Promotion

Marina Ottaway of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace has released a new policy brief entitled, “Middle East Democracy Promotion Is Not a One-way Street.”