Have Israeli Spies Infiltrated International Airports?

South Africa deported an Israeli airline official last week following allegations that Israel’s secret police, the Shin Bet, had infiltrated Johannesburg international airport in an effort to gather information on

The US Congressman who sold his soul to the Israel lobby

Adam Shapiro tells the story of a hitherto principled friend and campaigner for justice and human rights, Tom Perriello, who ran for Congress and, once elected, betrayed all of his

Obama’s Nuclear Spring

"The Guardian" -- The talk in Israel, explicit and open – including in the country's leading daily, Haaretz, last week – is about a war in the coming spring or

Why They Hate Us (I): On Military Occupation

One of the many barriers to developing a saner U.S. foreign policy is our collective failure to appreciate why military occupations generate so much hatred, resentment, and resistance, and why

Blackwater’s Secret War in Pakistan

At a covert forward operating base run by the US Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) in the Pakistani port city of Karachi, members of an elite division of Blackwater are

US in Back-channel Talks with Afghan Taliban

ISLAMABAD: After fighting a bloody war in Afghanistan for more than eight years, the United States appears to have undertaken a re-think of its policy and has started engaging the

Administrative Court to judge in four public opinion cases

Anticipated verdicts concerning 4 cases, which were to be heard by Judge Adel Farghali, Chief Justice of the Administrative Court are expected in public opinion cases.

Muslim Brotherhood members Arrested in Fayoum in continuing security crackdowns.

Nine members of the Muslim Brotherhood movement were arrested during a wide –spread security clampdown in Fayoum at dawn today. The detainees who were arrested from their homes are

Ahmed Rashid’s War

After breakfast, I read Gideon Rachman's often revealing blog on the Financial Times website. Today there was some very good news. Ahmed Rashid, a leading adviser to the US hawks

Israel’s role in Pakistan destabilization?

Jeff Gates analyses Israel's network of relations in the region on the article titled, "What is Israel's Role in the Destabilization of Pakistan?".