Egyptian Teaching staff’s club: No intentions to cut off ties with teaching institutions in Algeria.

In a conference which brought together Egyptian Teaching club's and administrations allegations claiming that the Teacher's council will boycott relations with Algerian Educational and academic club's were denied .

Clashes in Suez courtroom between MB families and forces.

Families of 33 Muslim Brotherhood detainees in Suez faced harassment by state security forcesearlier today. Forces clashed with those who were waiting in the courtroom to visit with their detained

Interior Minister denies visitation rights to 217 Muslim Brotherhood members who are to spend Eid

In another bout of violation of freedom of rights the Interior Ministry has denied visitation privileges during the up-coming Eid for 217 detained Muslim Brotherhood members.

Egypt’s Islamic phenomenon

In the last twenty years, Egypt has witnessed the emergence of the universal Islamic phenomenon where its manifestations clearly seemed in many aspects suitable to Egypt’s society.

Heshmat challenges Interior minister in hope of earning Masters Degree.

The Muslim Brotherhood's defense team has filed an urgent challenge against the Ministry of Defense, and the Borg el Arab Prison administrator on behalf of Dr Gamal Heshmat who is

Release orders for Dr Gamal Heshmat and 3 other MB leaders.

Ikhwanonline congratulates Dr Gamal Heshmat on his release and on his safe return home after Interior Minister orders his release due to health reasons.

Alexandria: Arrests continue even during Eid.

Prosecutor general Adel Emara ordered a 15 day detention to 7 members of the Muslim Brotherhood movement who were arrested at dawn