Press Release: In London: Ambassadors, MPs, Politicians to discuss Future of Palestinian Refugees

Many high profile personalities have been confirmed as the International conference marking UNRWA 60th anniversary draws near.

Moussavi: Suppressing students won’t save Ahmadinejad – Summary

Suppressing students and silencing academic circles will not save Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, opposition leader Mir-Hossein Moussavi was on Sunday quoted as saying by reformist websites.

The Presidency in Egypt: Independents and Party Members

In Egypt, from time to time, the names of public figures are put forth as independent candidates in the coming presidential elections.

No rush for new Jordan parliament

Jordan plans to delay parliamentary election, hold regional poll as part of decentralization process.

Egypt detains 10 senior Muslim Brotherhood members

Egyptian authorities have detained 10 senior members of the opposition Muslim Brotherhood, the group's secretary general told AFP today.

Fear Mongering, Muslim Americans and Fort Hood Tragedy

Muslim bashing is the new cottage industry with its own industrial barons and wide web of fear mongering bloggers ready on a moment notice to echo the noise generated at

The Swiss shame

First things first. The victory on Nov 29 for Yes-sayers in the Swiss referendum on banning minarets is not an attack on Islam.

US Muslims, Media and Fort Hood Test

Afifa Ammar’s face turned livid when she heard the conversation between the driver and one of the passengers sitting next to her about the congregation of Muslim worshipers for eid

Egypt: Brotherhood feels wrath of state; leaders arrested

The battle between the Egyptian government and the Muslim Brotherhood wages on. This time, 10 senior members of the opposition Islamic group were arrested on Saturday, the group told Bikya

Mubarak’s virtual enemies

At 8 p.m. on October 21, approximately 60 Egyptian policemen surrounded the Nour Center in the Bab el-Shairia neighborhood of downtown Cairo