Tough election challenge to Mubarak unlikely in 2011

Mohamed ElBaradei's bombshell that he is considering running for Egypt's presidency in 2011 will not translate into a competitive election, even if he succeeds in entering the race.

US must spell out its attitude

A senior Middle East specialist has called on decision-makers in Washington to spell out their attitude towards the Islamic movements in the region

Settling the ‘Infidels’ Question in Islam

Both Muslims and non-Muslims must learn to differentiate verses in the Qur'an that are specific to a particular context from those that are universal by also reading those verses that

America’s Failing Sexual Health

The increase in the rates of STDs, HIV-AIDS and pregnancy among young women indicates that America has yet to overcome the tyranny of rightwing

The Cairo Conundrum

In his June 4, 2009 speech at Cairo University, President Barack Obama dramatically raised expectations for U.S. policy in the Middle East, among Americans and Muslims both.

Arab disappointment with Obama

Arab disappointment with Obama is suddenly very, very important. Fouad Ajami is very worried that Arabs are disappointed with Obama's foreign policy

Where the Haj Takes Us

How is it that under such trying circumstances, strangers from the far reaches of the planet, belonging to different ethnicities,

Judeo-Nazi settlers rampage through West Bank, IOF looks on

Nazi-minded Jewish settlers continued to rampage throughout the West Bank, terrorizing unprotected Palestinian citizens and vandalizing their property.

Hamas must say NO to proposed deportation of prisoners

The Palestinian liberation movement, Hamas, is conducting complicated and exhaustive negotiations with Israel in an effort to conclude a prisoner-exchange accord between the two archenemies.

Afghanistan: ‘Roach Motel’ for Empires

What Afghanistan has in common with both Vietnam and Iraq is its long history of resistance to foreign occupation