Cartoons and racism

As girls growing up with Disney-promises of our very own Prince Charmings, it is understandably hard for us to accept it when someone who resembles Shrek tends to be the

Belarusian Cartoons at Cairo Human Rights Film Fest

Pavel Yahoravich Marozau is a Belarusian activist that has been involved in the politics and diaspora community for the last 5 years.

Fervor and Film: 2nd Annual Human Rights Film Fest

The 2009 Cairo Human Rights Film Festival commences next week with screenings from December 20 through the 23.

Wife of Egyptian Sinai activist speaks out

The wife of detained Sinai activist Musaad Abu Fagr, Shaimaa, spoke out on Wednesday in a posting on Amnesty International’s website, saying that since her husband’s arrest in February, 2008,

Nile Basin Initiative celebrates 10 years with stalemate

The Nile Basin Initiative looks to a third meeting of ministers this year to end an ongoing dispute with Cairo over water sharing, but as they celebrate a decade of

Genetically Modified food: yes or no?

The field is pristine with rows of plants line the paths as Gamal Mahmoud Sayyid rummages through the dirt. He lifts of pile of brown soil in his hand

World wants more cooperative governments

As the European Union begins to implement a new treaty aimed at assisting member nations to work together, and as American President Barack Obama is to receive a Nobel Prize

State Security’s rampage result in arrests and confiscations of personal belongings.

MP Hesham Alady condemned the insistence of the ruling regime's detentions of innocent members of society.

Egypt’s Islamic intellectuals condemn French Justice Minister over veil comments

Egyptian Islamic thinkers have condemned French Justice Minister Michele Alliot-Marie over comments she said on a recent television interview.