Ibrahim Al-Masri becomes Chairman of Lebanon’s Islamic Group (MB)

Highly ranking sources from the Lebanese Islamic group asserted that the movement conducted an election which resulted in a victory for Ibrahim al-Masri as General Secretary,

Abdel Baqi warns of new Israeli nuclear reactor.

Muslim Brotherhood member of the Parliamentary bloc, Mohamed Abdel Baqi submitted an urgent request questioning the Prime Minister about the establishment of a new nuclear reactor by Israeli's on the

Abu Zeid demands removal of all landmines in Western Sahara

MP Ragab Abu Zeid, member of the Muslim Brotherhood parliamentary bloc, submitted an urgent request for information to the Minister of Agriculture and Minister of International Co-operation regarding the landmines

Cairo: Criminal Court stands by its release order for Muslim Brotherhood detainees.

The Criminal Court in Cairo decided on ruling in favour once again for the release of Mohamed Sweidan and nine other members of the Muslim Brotherhood who were arrested on

European identity politics in play

Switzerland’s vote has exposed long-festering uneasiness within Europe toward immigration and members of ethnic communities, particularly those that are Muslim, says Ariel Kastner.

Muslim Brotherhood vs Saudi Salafis – The Political War for the Muslim Mind

A Financial Times report details a split emerging within the Muslim Brotherhood, the Muslim world's most famous political group.

Egypt’s Opposition Party Turns to Facebook for Support

ABC's Lama Hasan reports from Cairo: To some, social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter are platforms to connect and converse but to others it is a powerful political

Farouq: Egypt keeps quiet when it comes to Israeli crimes and takes actions to punish

MP Dr. Hazem Farouk, member of the MB Parliamentary bloc and member of the Foreign Relations Committee in the Parliament,

Syria : Arbitrary detention of Ma’an Aqil

Forces from General Intelligence Directorate arrested Ma'an Aqil from his office at Al-Thawra newspaper in Damascus on 22 November 2009.

Get the war criminals arrested now

The recent arrest warrant issued in London for former Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni is more than justified.