War With Iran?

Iran has not gone to war against its neighbors in modern times (Iraq invaded it in 1980).

Drone Race to a Known Future

Whatever the short-term gains from introducing drone warfare in these last years, we are now locked into the 24/7 assassination trade -- with our own set of non-suicide bombers on

Preparing Undeployables for the Afghan Front

As the Obama administration debates whether to send tens of thousands of extra troops to Afghanistan

Obama Fails to Reset Foreign Policy

Two losing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan; policies of unilateralism and preemption, and a global war on terrorism that included torture and abuse, secret prisons and extraordinary renditions left US

Israel’s Role in the Destabilization of Pakistan

The public has an intuitive grasp of the source of this oft-recurring behavior.

The Wall Will Fall in the Arab World

Most Arabs feel strong and confident about their culture, religion and identity, but powerless and vulnerable as citizens of their state.

Calling Joe Lieberman’s Bluff

Could such stress lead other individuals to embrace fundamentalisms, be they Muslim, Jewish or Christian?

How Israel Won the Settlement Battle Again

Considering that Israel is under no serious pressure, but occasional lip service to the peace process, from Washington, and London,

Why Are Muslims Alone in Condemning Crimes?

Christian organizations did not issue any condemnations (for crimes committed by Christians or in the name of Christianity) - even though no one group in the history of the world

French Military officials supervise construction of underground wall in Egypt.

French and American officials have been monitoring the construction by Egyptians in installing a series of metal sheets some 60 feet deep along its border.