Akef announces names of the members of the new Executive Bureau

"Brothers and sisters in Islam, Peace be upon you. As you are fully aware there have been preparations for elections for the forming of a new Executive Guidance Bureau.

Welcome Home, War!

However detached from the wars being fought in their name most Americans may seem, war itself never stays far from home for long

J Street Conference Only Step One

Any organization to the left of AIPAC that could in turn marginalize the latter is a good thing and a good start.

Abu Mazen’s Final Battle

Fatah had not yet fully recovered from the aftershocks of the Goldstone Report when Hamas surprised them by extending a hand of friendship to the US president.

Major Hasan and Rabbi/Senator Lieberman

Now we see US soldiers, prior to deployment to Iraq and Afghanistan, highly charged bumped with 'Christian faith and Muslim hate' by Evangelical chaplains promoting their own form of Evangelical

Hamas slams building of steel wall on Gaza borders with Egypt

The Movement of Hamas strongly denounced Saturday the Egyptian decision to build a steel wall along its borders with the impoverished Gaza Strip, saying that Gaza has never been a

Cairo: A welcome court order for the release of 42 Muslim Brotherhood members.

Cairo's Criminal Court issued a release order to 42 members of the Muslim Brotherhood Movement who were arrested earlier this year

Dameer: Birth defects increased in Gaza due to Israel’s use of chemical weapons

Al-Dameer association for human rights said Sunday that there is an increase in miscarriage rates and in the number of babies born with birth defects and cancer due to the

Confidential documents unveil PA-Israeli cooperation in kidnapping citizens

Confidential documents issued by the interior ministry of the Palestinian Authority (PA) in Gaza revealed that Mahmoud Abbas’s militias carried out political arrests in the West Bank against Palestinian citizens

Muslims need to make Hijra back to Islam

As Muslims around the world mark the passage of 1430 years since the noble Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) made his pivotal hijra (emigration) from Makka to Madina, we late-comers need to