In praise of common Americans

KARACHI, Pakistan: Greg Mortenson is an American and, like our philanthropist Maulana Abdul Sattar Edhi, likes to spend his time with the underprivileged and poor without discrimination,

What you didn’t know about the Islamic fatwa

CAIRO: Breast feeding. Yes, breast feeding, was the cause for controversy after Al-Azhar University lecturer Ezzat Atiyya issued a fatwa that suggested women should allow their male colleagues to breast

Akef heads first meeting with the newly elected Executive Guidance Bureau

Wednesday December 23, witnessed the first Muslim Brotherhood movement's meeting after elections led by the current Chairman Mr Mohamed Mahdi Akef.

Egypt’s Internet presence increasing

CAIRO: Less than ten years ago, the Egyptian government established the ministry of technology and has been showing its teeth in new and innovative projects that are pushing the country

MD Interview: From Curduroy Pants to Three-piece Suits

MD: I noticed that some MPs and Ministers have bodyguards surrounding them.

Egypt’s Brotherhood Elects New Executive Body

CAIRO – Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood, the country’s largest opposition group, elected Monday, December 21, a new executive body dominated by conservatives, a move seen as a coup d’etat against the

Egypt Muslim Brotherhood elects new leader

Egypt's main opposition group, the Muslim Brotherhood, has settled an internal dispute over its leadership, the group's leader announced Monday.

Saleh: The government should practice what it preaches and offer the Egyptian citizens their legitimate

The NDP’s Secretary of media added that Article 38 provided that the tax system is based on social equality and that one of the presidential duties,

Al-Husseini: “Egypt’s cement is given to Israeli’s, while its gas is banned from the Gazans

MP Saad Al-Husseini, of the MB Parliamentary bloc, submitted an urgent statement to the Prime Minister and Ministers of Commerce and Industry ,

Farouk: Egypt’s Security is connected to Gaza’s Security

Dr. Hazem Farouq, of the Muslim Brotherhood Parliamentary bloc and the parliamentary Foreign Relations Committee,