People of the decade: From Osama to Obama

Osama bin Laden and Barack Obama are the two men who are the symbolic bookends of the 2000s: bin Laden, the man who masterminded the attacks on the World Trade

Education ministers face down critics

Yosri El-Gamal and Hani Hilal, the ministers of education and higher education, faced a torrent of interpellations submitted by nine opposition and independent MPs on Saturday.

Open Letter To President Mubarak From The Gaza Freedom March

Dear President Mubarak; We, representing 1,362 individuals from 43 countries arriving in Cairo to participate in the Gaza Freedom March, are pleading to the Egyptians and your reputation for hospitality.

Badee: We will continue on Qutb’s path to reform.

He gave tribute to his colleagues and personal friends and highly ranked leaders Dr Abdul Monem Abul Fotouh and Dr Mohamed Habib who were sidelined in the current elections stressing

Statement by the MB concerning current events.

The Muslim Brotherhood movement has recently been under the spotlight facing speculation and skepticism by a numbered few; and in light of this, the movement has demonstrated resilience while stoically