‘MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD’ – An ideological Protectorate of Saudi Arabia?

‘Muslim Brotherhood’ (MB), an Egypt-born Islamist organization founded for launching Jihad against the infidels in general and Christian West in particular has been an ideological protectorate of Saudi Arabia for

Defiance is the name of the game where release orders are ignored and MB members

In a new series of defiance by the Ministry of Interior aided by state security, orders were issued for the rearrest of 5 members of the Muslim Brotherhood.

The trading of organs in Egypt faces opposition.

Soheila a 32-year-old from the fertile Nile Delta region is one of many people caught up in a thriving trade for illegal organs in Egypt, where there is no legal

Jordan witnesses relative majority for parliamentary democracy.

According to a study released on Monday in Amman 4 in 10 Jordanians prefer a democratic system in which the winning majority in Parliament forms a government.

The First Anniversary of Gaza Massacre

The Goldstone report described Israel's longstanding economic blockade of Gaza a form of 'collective punishment' against the population.

A $100m Bad Idea Then, a $650m Bad Idea Now

With the US government’s popularity ratings at all-time lows across the region, it should have been clear that a government propaganda arm would have trouble being respected as a legitimate

Cast Lead 2

It seems that most of the people in the Gaza Strip are more or less satisfied with the functioning of the Hamas government.

Stymied in Cairo–still something is gelling among the international marchers

The Egyptian authorities have told the organizers of the Gaza Freedom March once, twice, three times and four that we can’t go to Gaza, but the organizers will go back

The rise of Muslim Brotherhood in strategic Jordan

In early September, three senior leaders of Jordan's Muslim Brotherhood (MB) resigned from the organization's executive bureau after it voted to dissolve the MB political department -

Muslim Brotherhood Elections: A Post-Game Report

There has been some discussion about the implications of the recent elections to the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood's (MB) top leadership committee, the Guidance Bureau.