Muslims must not pay price for Europe’s identity crisis

While many Muslims share the same feeling of nationalism and patriotism in their homelands in Europe targetting Muslims is a common denominator.

In the Name of Human Decency

Relax, Holy Father, Viva Palestina and George Galloway are on the case.

Cracking Down on Peace

On December 16, Jamal Juma became the third anti-Wall activist to be arrested in the last few months.

Can Migrants Save the Global Economy?

Relying solely on migrant labour for economic support is not only unjust, it is unsustainable.

A Grim Year for the Middle East

2009, begun with Israel’s murderous assault on Gaza, was a year of great torment and much misery in the Middle East.

Breaking Palestine’s Peaceful Protest

Over the past five decades Palestinians have continuously deployed nonviolent forms of opposition to challenge the Israeli occupation.

Iran Sanctions Are a Precursor to War

Too many forget that the quagmire in Iraq began with an embargo.

How to Exit Afghanistan

A timetable for withdrawal from Afghanistan should set the stage for the military neutralization of the country.

Childhood Christmas Wonder Reborn

The UAE is the only Gulf State that unabashedly embraces and celebrates the spiritual and secular significance of what Christmas means to Christians and the West - a clear and

Brotherhood to decide on new Supreme Guide

Egypt's most powerful opposition group the Muslim Brotherhood Muslim Brotherhood, officially Jamiat al-Ikhwan al-Muslimun [Arab.,=Society of Muslim Brothers], religious and political organization founded (1928) in Egypt by Hasan al-Banna. .....