‘Neocon-ing’ Obama

Over the past year, influential neocon columnists were bashing Obama for putting renewed pressure on Israel for a peace deal. The neocons have blunted any serious Obama pressure on Israel

Revealing Truths Behind the Western Sahara Conflict

Through the doctor's plight, Thomas Hollowell's book describes Moroccan military and civilian prisoners who were captured by the Polisario guerilla-war movement and taken to prison camps in southwestern Algeria. While

Break the CIA in Two

The experience of the past 62 years has showed, time and time again, that concern was well founded as the covert action side has not only polluted CIA analyses but

‘Gott Mitt Uns’: Christians Excusing War

Nazi German soldiers went into battle with the words 'God With Us' inscribed on their belt buckles. The slogan convinced most of the educated Protestant and Catholic clergymen to proclaim

Reflections after J Street’s first Conference

Do I see the Israel of today as embodying the best ideals of Judaism, as acting as a light unto the nations? No, I do not. But that does not

Shadi Hamid: Jordan is, in short, an absolute monarchy

The recent dissolution of parliament does nothing to alter the fundamental political situation in Jordan. As Taher Kanaan, a former deputy prime minister, put it, “changes of parliament and cabinet

Egypt: In Cairo International Airport …Be Careful if You Are A Blogger!

Meanwhile leading NGOs and studies centers all over the world becoming more interested in listening to the Arab bloggers and their digital activism, the Egyptian bloggers have bad luck in

Sorry for The Pictures, But Don’t Forget Us in This Day

These days we go through a painful reminder of more than a million and a half Palestinians in the besieged Gaza Strip from the Israeli enemy.

MB’s statement on the construction of the steel wall between Egypt and Gaza

Muslim Brotherhood’s statement on the construction of the steel wall between Egypt and Gazaand prevention of life-line convoy from reaching Gaza