Al-Gafari: appointing the son of Zaki Badr is disastrous.

MP Ibrahim Al-Gaafari, of the Muslim Brotherhood Parliamentary bloc and the Education Committee,

Askar demands the transfer of Ghali to the Ethics Committee after blasphemy.

Sheikh Sayyed Askar, member of the Muslim Brotherhood Parliamentary bloc, submitted an urgent statement to Parliament concerning the news published in the press.

How the Internet has snowballed in the Arab world

“The internet in the Arab world has a snowball effect; now that the snowball is rolling, it can no longer be stopped.

Muslims Fighting Terror

Far from being "silent co-conspirators" -- as some are wont to call the Muslim community -- Muslims are an instrumental part of the fight against the terrorists and extremists who

How to Revive Obama’s Middle East Policy? Some Responses.

In the article, I criticized the Obama administration for cutting assistance to Egyptian NGOs. As I argue toward the end of the piece, civil society assistance has too often been

Solidarity with Besieged Palestinians Is Not a Crime The Egyptian Government Must Stop Deceiving the

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI) denounced the statements of the Egyptian officials in the media against the activists of the international campaign in solidarity with Gaza;

In 2009, 5000 MB arrests, 21 companies shut down and 15 million pounds confiscated.

Abdul Monem Abdul Maqsoud the Muslim Brotherhood's top defense lawyer asserted that the year 2009 witnessed over 5000 detentions of the movement's members under the so-called emergency law.

The Twin Challenges of Terror and Israel

Carrying war to Muslim countries by means of air strikes -- kills civilians along with fighters -- is not the way to combat terror.

Two ‘Resolutions’ for Obama in 2010

Obama’s initiatives in Iran and in the Afghan-Pakistan theatre of war -- together with the Arab-Israeli conflict -- are at the heart of the world crisis.

Tariq Ramadan’s “What I Believe”

In this year’s Foreign Policy’s Top 100 Global Thinkers, Tariq Ramadan came in at number 49 for “dedicating his life to proving that Europe and Islam are not incompatible”–no small