One Deluded Man Does Not Make an Extremists’ Hotbed

We should have a pause, before we give al Qaeda cause to chuckle in their caves,

Yemen – The New Enemy

Already, the direct costs of the last attacks on the Yemenis’ mud or rough stone houses have cost the Saudis and US millions of pounds. We will also take counter-

Blowback Effect

Our two wars have been sucking us dry in two countries where state-owned Chinese companies have just scored significant economic victories.

Reagan’s Ghost: Starwars Stops START

The proliferation of nuclear states since 1960s merely reinforces this mutual assured destruction logic.

The Second Decade: The World in 2020

China is now an economic superpower and India is well on its way to earning this status. Second-tier states of the South,

Muslim Brotherhood hold world-wide press conference to announce the 8th Chairman

Muslim Brotherhood Chairman Mr Mohamed Mahdi Akef announced that his last weekly statement as the Brotherhood's 7th Chairman will be delivered in a world-wide press conference scheduled to be held

Alexandria: MB leaders arrested after attending funeral.

Highly ranked leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood faced arrest after attending the funeral of Mahmoud Shokry.

The World in 2020

Four key aspects of the second decade of the 21st century can be discerned: the rise of China; the (relative) decline of the United States; the expanding role of the

Lawyers protest on Monday objecting to iron wall.

The legitimate general syndicate committee has organized a rally in support of the Palestinians demonstrating their disappointment of the continued construction of the iron wall.