Detained Egyptian activists being released upon Cairo arrival

CAIRO: The first batch of Egyptian activists and bloggers detained in Upper Egypt were released Saturday around 4:30 p.m. upon arrival back in Cairo after police had detained them near

Egypt’s opposition names new head

Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood named a conservative as its new leader on Saturday, suggesting that Egypt's biggest opposition group may lower its political profile and focus on a social agenda.

Egypt’s Brotherhood gets new leader

Muhammad Badie becomes the eighth leader of the Muslim Brotherhood since the party's establishment.

Letter from the MB New Chairman Mohammed Badie’

As you are aware, the main goal of the Muslim Brotherhood Movement (MB) is comprehensive modification, which deals with all kinds of corruption through reform and change. "I only desire

Egypt confident ahead of second African cup match

Egypt, its players and supporters, are confident it will basically punch its ticket to the quarterfinals on Saturday in its second African Cup match versus Mozambique.

Egypt to strip search passengers?

According to unconfirmed reports, the Egyptian government has introduced new strip searches for passengers arriving or departing from Cairo International Airport in a bid to increase security in response to

Dear Muslim Terrorist

I know it's been a long time since I've posted, (what can say, I had to study!) but I've got something quite stimulating and current to share with you.

Bloggers Stifled Again in Egypt

Freedom House condemns the arrest of 19 activists in Egypt -- among them leading bloggers, political party representatives and journalists -- and demands their immediate release without harm.

Hadass calls for the ending of the (Bedon crisis).

The Bedon problem of Kuwait began in 1959, when the nationality law in Kuwait was issued, it came clearly into sight after the independence of Kuwait in 1961, since after

Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood ‘peering over erupting volcano’ as leader departs

Mohamed Badi, senior member of the Muslim Brotherhood guidance bureau, has taken over as head of the party after former leader Mahdi Akef came to the end of his term