Egypt: The Working Group on Arbitrary Detention confirms the arbitrary nature of Dr Islam al

Dr Islam Sobhy Al Mazeny, an Egyptian doctor and poet, was arrested on 7 April 2007 by the Egyptian State Security Intelligence (SSI) as he was organizing his departure to

Askar: Zionists influence is behind minarets ban in Switzerland;Lacks of western awareness on cultures with

MP Sayed Askar, member of the MB Parliamentary bloc and the Religious Committee in the Egyptian Parliament has stressed that the future of Islam in Switzerland will be bright ,

MP Ashour requests information on laborer’s strikes

MP Magdy Ashour, of the MB Parliamentary bloc, submitted a request for information to the Prime Minister and Minister of Manpower regarding laborers' frequent strikes

Bayoumi criticizes attempts of selling Egypt’s assets

Moral cowardice that keeps us from speaking our minds is as dangerous to this country as irresponsible talk. The right way is not always the popular and easy way. Standing

Al-Beltagi participates in a conference on sectarian violence.

Dr. Mohamed Al-Beltagi, MB bloc's Secretary of relations, will participate in a conference titled "Sectarianism from discrimination to assassination" at the Egyptian Centre for Economic and Social Rights on Monday

MB Chairman thanks press for attending and covering conference.

Dr Mohamed Badie expressed his gratitude to the press who covered the conference stressing that he believed that their honest coverage of MB news will continue.

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood picks new leader

The Muslim Brotherhood, the banned fundamentalist party considered the largest opposition force in Egypt, has chosen a new leader who is expected to reduce the group’s participation in politics.

Covering the Muslim Brotherhood’s Election of a New General Guide

As some of you may have heard, yesterday, the Muslim Brotherhood announced the election of a new general guide, Mohammed Badie

Translation: Muhammad Badie’s acceptance speech

Muhammad Badie, the newly-elected supreme guide of the Muslim Brotherhood, delivered an acceptance speech today to an audience of Brotherhood members. We'll post some thoughts on the speech (and Badie's

The Eighth MB Guide: It’s Badi‘, not Bayumi

A brief drop-by from a weekend off to note that the press conference announcing the eighth General Guide of the Muslim Brotherhood, postponed from Thursday till today, announced the appointment