Nigeria: Religious Hate Explodes, Shaming Both Christians and Muslims

A week ago, religious hatred and riots in Nigeria resulted in devastating loss of life,

Egypt beats Cameroon 3-1, to face Algeria in semi-finals.

CAIRO: Egypt struck twice in the final five minutes of Monday’s quarterfinal match in Angola to book their place in the final four of the African Cup of Nations.

Celebrating Police (State) Day in Mubarak’s Egypt

Today Egyptians around the country have off from work and school in recognition of a new national holiday: Police Day. The Mubarak regime, it seems, has a sense of humor

Forging a national identity

The exact number of Copts is still considered classified information by Egypt. However, Coptic sources estimate that they are between 15 and 20 per cent of Egypt's 80 million people.

Muslim Brotherhood may change bylaws

The Muslim Brotherhood may amend its bylaws in the near future, a process requiring the cooperation of the Brotherhood's different administrative bodies.

Muslim Brotherhood blasts violence in Nigeria

Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood has condemned the deadly sectarian violence between Muslims and Christians that has plunged central Nigeria into chaos.

Human Rights Watch’s report –Syria 2010

Syria’s poor human rights situation deteriorated further in 2009, as the authorities arrested political and human rights activists, censored websites, detained bloggers, and imposed travel bans. No political parties are

Former chairman attends Ihsan Abdul Quddus’ commemoration

Former chairman of the MB Mahdi Akef participated in a celebration organized by the Press Syndicate the 20th commemoration of renowned writer Ihsan Abdul Quddus.

Will Gamal inherit power?

The US' study reveals the real intention of the Egyptian ruling regime with the crippling of opposition with the drafted Article 76.

Egypt: Parliamentary interrogation of government neglect during disasters.

MB MP Hamdi Hassan accused the NDP ruling party of mismanagement and carelessness. The deputy highlighted the governments continued mismanagement of resources and squandering of public funds.