Energy authority denies news reports about providing Gaza power plant with fuel

The Palestinian authority of energy and natural resources in the Gaza Strip on Thursday denied news reported saying that head of Ramallah government Salam Fayyad intervened to provide Gaza power

Israel brings 240 new Jewish immigrants to occupied Palestine

The Hebrew radio reported Wednesday that 240 Jewish immigrants arrived within the past 24 hours in Israel in the context of campaigns organized by some Zionist organizations to bring Jews

PLC: 2010 will witness intensive attacks on everthing in J’lem

The Jerusalem committee of the Palestinian legislative council (PLC) on Wednesday warned that 2010 will witness more Israeli violations and escalating attacks on everything in the occupied city of Jerusalem

Resheq: The IOA wanted deportation deal not prisoners’ swap deal

Izzat Al-Resheq, member of Hamas’s political bureau, said on Thursday that the Israeli occupation authority put the German mediator in an embarrassing situation after it reneged on earlier obligations it

Hamas: Mabhouh was assassinated by the IOF

Izzat al-Resheq, member of Hamas's political bureau, said on Friday morning that the Israeli enemy was behind the assassination, on 20 January, of one of the movement leaders in Dubai,

Chairman: Unity will successfully combat corruption and oppression.

In his weekly statement Dr Badie chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood concentrated on the significance of the Islamic world to liberate itself from any foreign oppression.

Brotherhood changes tack?

Considered by many a conservative academic who will avoid confrontation with the regime, Mohamed Badei, the 67-year- old newly-elected supreme guide of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), used his first week

Don’t expect Badie to change the Brotherhood

Unlike many of its secular counterparts, the Muslim Brotherhood has never depended on individuals and personalities, but rather on strong organizational and institutional structures.

Muslim Brotherhood Parliamentary Bloc congratulate the Egyptian Football team.

The MB parliamentary bloc congratulated Egypt 's football players after their outstanding performance and 4 nil victory against Algeria on Thursday.

Egypt: How Significant is the Muslim Brotherhood’s Election?

The Majlis doubts that the “election has much external significance, despite widely-publicized concerns that Badie (a conservative) will push the group to the right.”