British Media Portrayals of Yemen

Until very recently, only Mauritania among the Arab countries attracted less attention in the British media than Yemen. Not any more: since 25 December 2009, Yemen is mentioned more than

When Scholars Join the Slaughter

Anthropology has been referred to throughout history as the 'handmaiden of colonialism', thus putting anthropologists (today), at least those with a moral conscience, on guard against anything that smells like

What Do Iraqis Want?

Instead of curtailing Iraqi independent action and constantly interfering and dictating Iraqi politics, the Obama administration must respect the Iraqis’ quest for liberty and freedom, says Abbas J. Ali.

The Litmus Test for the Legality of Iraq War

The future generation of Iraqis may see that the British population have a heart, not just the millions who marched against the war, but the vast majority disagree with this

A Bad Spell of Big Power Behavior

The worst moment of the week was the sight of the snake-like Tony Blair once again showing us how otherwise intelligent, articulate leaders can also comfortably splash around in the

The Iraqi Oil Conundrum

Almost seven years later, it will come as little surprise that things turned out to cost a bit more than expected in Iraq and didn’t work out exactly as imagined.

With Blair-Bush Lies, Muslims Died

From the Native Americans, North and South, to Africans, Arabs, Muslims, Asians, and the Aborigines of Australia and New Zealand, their lives, history, religion, culture and language were fodder for

Algeria-Egypt rivalry is so last year

The reason behind my mounting disgust towards the behavior of our North African aficionados is that Arabs have suffered enough already and there is no need to flex fists over

Lebanon looking to Egypt for economic, energy deals

Egypt and Lebanon are looking at boosting economic and energy relations after Egypt’s Prime Minister Ahmed Nazif welcomed his Lebanese counterpart Saad Hariri to Cairo on Wednesday aimed at discussing

The role of informal education in shaping the image of the Other

Feeling like one is “outside the consensus” is not unique to people living the black-white divide. It is a universal social phenomenon which exists in societies where the social and