Egypt detains Muslim Brotherhood leaders

Thirteen senior members of the Islamist opposition movement in Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood, have been detained.

Anwar trial: Why is the West silent?

Anwar Ibrahim has become Malaysia's Aung San Suu Kyi (Burma's jailed pro-democracy leader). There is speculation that the recent arrest and detention of 10 people in Malaysia under the ISA

Egypt arrests 3 top Brotherhood leaders

Egyptian authorities have detained thirteen members of the opposition Muslim Brotherhood, including three senior leaders.

Egyptian police detain leading Islamists

Cairo: Police early on Monday arrested at least 14 members of the Muslim Brotherhood,

Egypt arrests 3 top leaders and other senior members of the Muslim Brotherhood opposition

The No. 2 leader of Egypt's opposition Muslim Brotherhood and two other top figures have been arrested by police Monday in a dawn sweep targeting members of the nation's most

Ahmadinejad Gives Orders to Begin Enriching Uranium

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has given orders to his Atomic Energy Organization to go ahead with higher-

Liberties Committees to condemn latest Brotherhood’s arrests

Liberties Committees of Journalists' and Lawyers' Syndicates condemned the fierce campaign of arrests in which top members of the Muslim Brotherhood

Egypt crackdown on Brotherhood leaders.

CAIRO, Egypt — leading figures in Egypt 's opposition Muslim Brotherhood and two other top figures

Muslim Brotherhood condemn the fierce security attack against top Brotherhood members

Egyptians shocked when the Egyptian authorities swooped on the opposition Muslim Brotherhood before dawn on Monday, February 8, 2010, arresting number of its top leaders, led by Brotherhood deputy Chairman

E-Campaign for the release of Dr. Ezzat and his brothers

Following the fierce arrest campaign of the MB members and leaders, a number of internet activists made a new group on facebook in solidarity with the arrested ones as they