Hundreds of settlers storm Nabi Yusuf tomb with IOF escort.

Hundreds of Jewish settlers stormed the Nabi Yusuf tomb in Nablus city on Wednesday night under the protection of Israeli occupation forces (IOF), local sources said.

IOF disguised soldiers break foot of Palestinian teen

Israeli occupation forces (IOF) wearing plain clothes beat up a 17-year-old Palestinian teen a few days ago and broke his foot, the Palestinian prisoners' society said on Thursday.

US expert: Cairo-Washington economic relations suffer due to politics, human rights

An American expert in economics warned that American and Egyptian economic relations pay a hefty price because of the tensions that mar the relationship between Cairo and Washington.

Jordan releases two for Mubarak insults

Jordan’s top public prosecutor ordered two activists accused of criticizing Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak over Egypt’s construction of a steel wall along their border with the Gaza Strip, released from

UN calls for Egypt, Arab League to pressure Israel.

The United Nations agency for Palestinian refugees called on Egypt and the Arab League to pressure Israel to give permission for reconstruction equipment into the blockaded Gaza Strip. Filippo Grandi,

Egypt says Swine flu cases on the decline

Egypt’s health ministry has said that cases of the H1N1 virus, or Swine flu, are declining and that this will continue through April.

British students demonstrate for free speech, others protest against inciting racism

Students at Durham University in England held a demonstration on 9 February after the British National Union of Students intervened with the students’ plan to invite two representatives of the

Egypt Brotherhood leaders accused of terrorism

Senior Egyptian Islamists arrested early this week are accused of forming militant cells, newspapers reported on Thursday, while Human Rights Watch called the arrests a blow to free elections.

Iran: Crackdown’s Torrent of Abuses

The scope of the Iranian government’s crackdown on dissent since the disputed June 2009 elections is even broader and the abuses more flagrant than previously reported, Human Rights Watch said

Egypt opens Rafah border, Palestinians say not enough

According to news reports, the border will remain open for the two days in order to allow Palestinians to seek medical aid across the border in Egypt, but will be