Egypt: Protests demand releases of MB leaders.

Members of the Muslim Brotherhood staged protests in front of the Egyptian Medical Syndicate on Tuesday February 16, demanding the release of arrested group leaders, including First Deputy Chairman Mahmoud

Headlines from the region 15-2-2010

African Youth Games 2010 in Morocco Morocco will in May this year host the inaugural African Youth Games.

Egypt FM: US diplomats will not enter without visas

the Egyptian authorities would deny entry to any US or European diplomat in case this diplomat did not get a pre-attached visa to Egypt in his or her diplomatic passport.”

Egypt: Sufi leaders speak out against MB leaders detention

Sheik Mohamed Abdul Khaleq Shabrawy said that the Brotherhood has enjoyed “much popularity” in the Egyptian street and abroad and “are respected by all political movements and trends.

Egyptian man killed in a fight with Peruvian immigrants in Milan

An Egyptian man was killed in Milan, Italy, on Sunday after he was stabbed with a knife by immigrants from South America. The violence has angered scores of migrants from

Human rights coverage spreads, despite government pushback

The media in the Middle East loved the Intifada. Every detail of Israel’s violations of human rights in the late 1980s in the West Bank and Gaza appeared in the

MB lashes out against Egypt gov’t over terror charges

“The MB is based on reform on the basis of correct and complete Islam through all and any peaceful means,” the statement said.

Hillary disappoints the Muslim world

During the 2008 presidential campaign, Hillary Clinton worked tirelessly to earn her party's nomination, yet it was Barack Obama who rode to office on a wave of goodwill. Which means

Haneyya’s government invites Mousa to visit Gaza Strip

The legitimate PA government in the Gaza Strip has welcomed the visit of an Arab parliamentary delegation to the besieged Gaza Strip, stressing that it is about time for Amr

European campaign against Gaza blockade visits presidential palace in Warsaw

A delegation of the European campaign to end the siege on Gaza visited the Polish presidential palace in Warsaw and briefed the representative of president Lech Kaczynski on the results