Settlement units built in occupied Jerusalem

IOA continues planned offensive and builds settlements on occupied Palestinian lands.

Israelis plan to desecrate Aqsa Mosque Sunday

Tens of Israeli settlers are planning to desecrate the Aqsa Mosque on Sunday, at a time the Israeli occupation stepped up acts of Judaization against Islamic holy places.

Israeli occupation seeks to include 150 Palestinian sites on its Jewish heritage

The Christian-Muslim Committee for the support of Jerusalem and holy sites said that Israeli occupation authorities are preparing to submit a list of 150 Palestinian sites claiming they are traditional

ElBaradei changing the system?

Mohamed ElBaradei said the former nuclear watchdog chief is stirring the political pot in Cairo amid presidential rumors.

Sectarian tensions are somebody’s fault

On Orthodox Christmas day, six Copts were killed while coming out of churches in Nagaa Hammadi. The horrific crime, committed by three Egyptian Muslims, is a wakeup call. It should

Three suggestions for Dr ElBaradei

Over the last several weeks, Dr ElBaradei's call for political and constitutional reform and honest presidential elections has gathered real momentum in the media. Amr Hamzawy thinks aloud offering a

Prospects for Egypt in 2010

Since 2005, when the administration of US President George W Bush was weighing heavily on Cairo to carry out democratic reforms, Egypt has experienced a tumultuous few years.

The unpolitician

The genius of Mubarakism is that it remains anti-political.

Opposition crackdown in Egypt heats up before polls

Egypt's largest opposition movement, the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood, is once again facing a crackdown by authorities. Some 150 members are under arrest, according to the group, and more arrests are

What Islam is all about.

Dalia Mogahed talks to Gihan Shahine about bridging the gap between the US and the Muslim world.