Egypt: Fmr Appellate Court Vice-President says gov’t misled over Muslim Brotherhood

Former Egyptian appellate judge Mahmoud Khodeiry spoke out against the Egyptian government’s recent crackdown against the popular and powerful Muslim Brotherhood group, saying that the government is misled into thinking

Paved With Good Intentions

When Mohamed ElBaradei's flight touched down at Cairo International Airport on Feb. 19, he was greeted by hundreds of supporters waving homemade ELBARADEI FOR PRESIDENT banners.

Historic hearing for Ezzat and his colleagues

Counselor Mahmoud Khudairi, former Vice-President of the Court of Cessation, initiated the appeal for the defense emphasizing that the investigation transcripts used by the prosecution was merely lip service.

Peace – the vision of Islam

Islam comes from the root Arabic word, salam, which means “peace.” It is also derived from the Arabic word slim, which means submission (to God).

Morsy calls on media to concentrate reports on Regime’s corruptions and scandals

Dr. Mohamed Morsi, Press Spokesman for the MB movement, extended his appreciation and thanks to the media and press who troubled themselves enough to report information on the recent incidents

Egyptian government faces difficult times in 2010

The Egyptian government faces a very difficult time in 2010, with historically prominent issues such as the succession of President Hosni Mubarak, the use of military courts, emergency rule and

Egypt plays friendly with Palestinians

Cairo: Egypt announced that it will travel to the occupied West Bank on March 28 to play a friendly match against the Palestinian national football team.

Conflict arises in Egypt opposition over ElBaradei’s leadership, Muslim Brotherhood

Conflict within the so-called unified Egyptian opposition appears to be breaking.

Egypt: Suez Canal revenues since 1975 at $64 billion

Mahmoud Abdel-Wahab, a spokesman for Egypt’s Suez Canal Authority, said that global trade is on track to rebound this year and the Suez Canal is set to see a return

Iraqi election candidates face poet’s sarcasm

Once upon a time, not so long ago, there was a poor Iraqi shepherd who lost all but six of his sheep to drought. In desperation, the poor shepherd decided