Israeli military jeep hits Palestinian car killing mother and her four children

An Israeli military hummer jeep hit a car on the Silwad bridge at the Ofer entrance near Ramallah on Friday evening killing 5 passengers and injuring two others.

Egypt’s Muslim Brothers hit turbulence

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood has been buffeted by a seemingly endless series of changes and blows over the past few years.

Not so friendly soldier on Facebook!

The Israeli military and one of its soldiers are no longer "friends" after the gunner posted details of an impending West Bank raid on his Facebook page, leading to the

Hamas slams Arab vow to resume talks with Israel

The Palestinian Islamic resistance movement, Hamas, has slammed the Arab League's foreign ministers' decision to submit to an American proposal for Palestinians to hold indirect talks with Israel

Questioning by MB MPs reveal waste of L.E15 billion!

3 parliamentary questions have been submitted by members of the Muslim Brotherhood parliamentary bloc revealing that the government has wasted approximately 15 billion pounds and caused the loss of a

Appeal of Dr. Osama Nasr rejected

The Misdemeanor Court chaired by Chancellor Mohamed El-Toni decided to reject the appeal submitted by the defense team against the decision to arrest Dr. Osama Nasr, of the MB Guidance

Fifty worshipers injured in Aqsa Mosque

Some worshipers threw stones at the invading police to stop them entering the Mosque, then more worshipers joined to repel the attack, this was followed by occupation special forces storming

Mubarak: Egypt needs no national hero and ElBaradei is free to seek presidency

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak said on Thursday March 4, that former U.N. nuclear chief Mohamed ElBaradei was welcome to run for the presidency if he wants, but tartly dismissed any

Egypt: Activists call for football match to be relocated from occupied Jerusalem

Activists have launched a campaign on the electronic website "Facebook" in protest to the Egyptian football team which has announced that it will engage in a football match in Occupied