Obama’s Hesitant Embrace of Human Rights

As one would expect from so eloquent a leader, US President Barack Obama has brought about a marked improvement in presidential rhetoric on human rights in comparison with his predecessor.

OxfAn: 2010? Q2 Prospects

Key issues in Turkey will be government-military relations, foreign policy and economic recovery, while Tehran will brace itself for international sanctions. The aftermath of elections will dominate the next quarter

MB Chairman: Sacrifice is the first road to victory

Dr. Mohammed Badie, Chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood Movement, declared that true hope for change depends on the people's will and whether or not they are prepared to sacrifice

Kuhdari launches “enough one thousand days of blockade” events

MP Jamal Al-Khudari, the head of the popular committee against the siege, on Sunday announced the launch of a series of events under the title “enough one thousand days of

Beitawi warns of letting down the Aqsa

MP Sheikh Hamed Al-Beitawi, the head of the association of Palestinian religious scholars, has warned all those letting down the Aqsa Mosque, describing them as "sinful".

Erdogan: Palestine’s Mosques are Islamic and cannot be part of Israel’s heritage

Turkish premier Recep Erdogan stressed Sunday that the mosques in occupied Palestine, atop of them the Aqsa Mosque, had never been and would not be part of the Jewish heritage,

Zahhar: Reconciliation won’t halt resistance

MP Dr. Mahmoud Al-Zahhar, a member of Hamas's political bureau, has said that the resistance program would not be negatively affected by the national reconciliation agreement.

Civilians and reporters wounded in IOF shooting

Even peaceful demonstrations prompt trigger happy IOF's

Hamas slams PLO for deciding to resume talks with Israel

The Movement of Hamas on Sunday strongly denounced the Palestinian liberation organization (PLO) for its decision to resume indirect negotiations with Israel, affirming that the PLO plunged itself again into