Is the PA capitulating to Israel?

On Tuesday, as visiting US Vice president Joe Biden was showering Israel with the usually excessive praise, the Israeli Interior Ministry, headed by Eli Yeshai, announced plans to build 1600

Haneyya gov’t welcomes EU parliament’s adoption of Goldstone report

The Palestinian government headed by premier Ismail Haneyya hailed on Wednesday the European parliament for adopting the recommendations of judge Richard Goldstone mentioned in his report on Israeli war crimes

Erdogan: No result for Abbas’s negotiations without Hamas

Erdogan, who was visiting Saudi Arabia, told Al-Quds newspaper published on Wednesday that Hamas should be included in any negotiations between Abbas and Israel.

IOF soldiers detain Aqsa guard

Local sources said that IOF soldiers and policemen waited for Tarek Bukairat outside the mosque of Sour Baher at dawn Thursday.

Under Israeli pressure, Abbas cancels martyr Mughrabi’s commemoration

Israeli news reports Palestinian officials in Ramallah as saying that Abbas’s decision to call off the ceremony came in response to Israel's demands

Bahar: Ramallah budget not legal

Any approval of the budget would be a debt imposed on all responsible

Israel hands out invitations to attend opening of synagogue inside Aqsa Mosque

Palestinian sources in occupied Jerusalem claimed that the Israeli occupation authorities (IOA) started to distribute official invitations for the opening of a synagogue at the heart of the Aqsa Mosque

The return of Mohamed ElBaradei from abroad is rattling Egypt’s rulers

EGYPTIANS may breathe a sigh of relief. Seven of their political parties have formed a united front to defend the country against a foreign plot. Whether this conspiracy is Zionist

The myth of excluding moderate Islamists in the Arab world

Islamist movements in the Arab world have varied widely during the last 30 years. Groups range from promoting violence for political reform to others which follow a more moderate approach