The Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood: Islamist Participation in a Closing Political Environment

The Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood has begun to scale back its political engagement because the results have been few, government repression continues, and other opposition groups mistrust the movement. Instead it

The Death of Ukraine’s Orange Revolution

Victor Yanukovich’s inauguration in March as the new President of Ukraine marked the death of the “Orange Revolution.” To the Obama administration’s consternation, Ukraine has gone red.

Tantawy dies in Saudi Arabia following heart attack.

Dr. Mohamed Badie chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood extends his condolences to the Islamic and Arab nations on the death of the father figure Dr Mohamed Sayed Tantawy of Al-Azhar,

Al-Mabhouh a permanent thorn in Israel’s side.

The courageous military commander, Mahmoud al-Mabhouh; who was assassinated by a 27 member Zionist intelligence unit, did not die quietly Dr Hamad Al- Majid explains why.

Doctors examine Elewa to determine condition

Prosecutors are expected to decide on Dr Saad Elewa's detention after his earlier transfer to the Prison's hospital without medication caused complications