Muslim Brotherhood calls for immediate release of Al-Aqsa Detainees

The MB argues that Egypt should play a leading role today as it was with a proud history in stopping the barbaric and brutal action of Israeli occupation as they

European campaign against siege meets Buzek, urges him to move for Gaza

A delegation of the European campaign to end the siege on Gaza met with Jerzy Buzek, the president of the European parliament, in Strasbourg to urge him to make serious

Religion And Terrorism

Presentation made by Dr Shabir Choudhry at a Seminar arranged by Interfaith International during 13th Session of the UN Humans Rights Council in Geneva.

Time to talk to terrorists?

The conventional wisdom is: a terrorist is a terrorist and the United States does not talk to terrorists. But Mark Perry, an historian and foreign policy analyst, has another idea.

Egypt has plan to battle Bird flu

The Egyptian health ministry said this week that the country is moving ahead with efforts to stall the spread of the deadly avian influenza, or the H5N1 virus, after a

‘Islamists must adopt pragmatic approach’

Islamist movements throughout the world are passing through a decisive phase and their survival depends on the pragmatic approach they adopt and how the regimes in their countries accept their

Urgent Call for the Release of Abdul Hafeez Abdulrahman and Nadira Abdu

SHRC calls for the immediate release of the two activists in Syrian prisons and interrogation centres.

The Decline of Israel and the Prospects for Peace

Israel is a democracy that historically gerrymandered its electoral constituency by expelling most of the indigenous population outside its borders – now referred to as the Palestinian refugees – to

Taboo Inhibits Frank Iran/Israel Talk

The main 'positive' of robust sanctions against a country like Iran is simply that those who impose them can feel good. It would be difficult, if not impossible, to target

Investigations begin as prosecutors question 42 detained MB members.

Prosecutors commence investigations with the 42 MB detainees who were arrested from their homes at dawn by state security.