Hard Lessons of the My Lai Massacre

Those 'merchants of death' try to hide the gruesome realities of war and instead try, with aggressive propaganda, to make war look like something patriotic. They try to convince the

Alternative Reading of the Al-Mabhouh Murder

Who has weaved this fascinatingly reductionist account of al-Mabhouh’s life in such a short span of time? His family? Hamas? The Palestinian media? No, none of these. The creator of

No to Minaret for Brooklyn Mosque

A plan by the local Muslim community in Brooklyn to build a mosque is facing a fierce campaign which raises bigotry-driven fears, which Muslims say is not uncommon in post

345 MB unjustly detained in Egyptian jails

The latest count has revealed that approximately 345 members of the Muslim Brotherhood movement have been detained in Egyptian jails

Islam Online in crisis as administration threatens to fire journalists

Some 250 employees of the Arabic-English news website Islam Online stood in protest this afternoon in Cairo, demanding their voices be heard by the new administration.

Ruling Regime sends a message through endless arrests of MB members in Egypt

State security places its wrath on the MB members in Alexandria in a predawn raid. 18 members of the group were hauled in as forces invaded houses in a continuing

Unofficial results reveal moderates sweeping Jordan’s MB elections

According to sources, the doves are likely to claim victory in decisive elections at the Islamic Action Front (IAF), MB in Jordan after informal results revealed them winning a clear

Political Levers Lock Into Gear in Election Year

Egypt’s parliamentary elections are still months away, but the arrests have already started.

Egypt: SSI in Fayoum terrorize Al-Baradei supporter

Egyptian State Security Intelligence (SSI) in Fayoum City summoned Taha Abdel Tawab Mohammed, a physician from Fayoum governorate in Egypt who had been organising support for Dr. Mohammad Al Baradei,

Islamists’ moves in Gaza seen as sign of maturity

“Islamists are trying to steer a course between governance, political processes and resistance,”