Egypt group calls for end to shark hunting

“Sharks are currently being sold on the Egyptian market and exported overseas. Overfishing and consumption of sharks and their fins are serious threats to human health, the environment and our

Anxiety on president’s succession in Egypt

Ten days after Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak underwent surgery in Germany, there is growing uncertainty over his state of health and increased talk about who will eventually succeed him.

Banning Skype rumors in Egypt

Blogger Israa el-Sakka wrote that she was unable to log into to Skype and when she called Vodafone they told her that Telecom Egypt had told the company to bar

The Petraeus briefing: Biden’s embarrassment is not the whole story

The January Mullen briefing was unprecedented. No previous CENTCOM commander had ever expressed himself on what is essentially a political issue; which is why the briefers were careful to tell

Who’s running Egypt?

An odd article ran a week ago in al-Shuruq, one of Egypt's daily newspapers. Headlined simply "Who is Running Egypt in Mubarak's Absence?!" the article examined the constitutional situation in

Mishaal calls for open campaign as of Tuesday to protect J’lem and Aqsa

Khaled Mishaal, the head of Hamas’s political bureau, called for initiating an open campaign on Tuesday to protect occupied Jerusalem, the Aqsa Mosque and all Islamic and Christian holy sites

Egypt nabs 15 leading members of the MB for pro-Palestinian demonstrations

Egyptian police arrested 15 members of the MB on Tuesday for taking part in pro-Palestinian demonstrations over the weekend, a security official said

Mass demonstrations in Egypt to protest IOF arrogance

Thousands of students from the Muslim Brotherhood gathered at 18 universities across Egypt yesterday to protest Israeli encroachment on Al-Aqsa mosque and the inclusion of the Ibrahimi and Bilal mosques

Palestinian Intifada breaks out throughout O. Jerusalem

A Palestinian Intifada (uprising) has broken out in different areas of occupied Jerusalem Tuesday morning in response to the calls for participating in the day of anger in protest at

Islamism: why the west gets it wrong

Islamism is widely misunderstood in the west. It has its roots in a reaction to the global politics of the 20th century.