MB offshoot in Jordan the IAF ratify shura council poll results

The executive office of the Islamic Action Front (IAF) MB in Jordan has officially ratified election results at 19 branches and called for reelection in two branches.

Egypt’s Opposition calls for constitutional reform

Four Egyptian opposition parties called for sweeping constitutional reforms Monday to ensure free elections and to limit president's powers

345 MB unjustly detained in Egyptian jails

The latest count has revealed that approximately 345 members of the Muslim Brotherhood movement have been detained in Egypt.

Is the Hosni Mubarak era ending in Egypt?

On March 6 the 81-year-old Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak traveled to Heidelberg, Germany for gall bladder surgery. The blogosphere fluttered with rumors of his death. However, in a report dated

Comment: Egypt needs a democratic legacy

Hosni Mubarak said last week that Egypt “does not need a national hero”. The ageing Egyptian president, who is recovering in Germany from a gall bladder operation, was answering a

Making Matters Worse in Afghanistan

Civilian deaths inflicted by American firepower in Afghanistan are generating deep-seated anti-Americanism, with some Afghans saying that even the Russians were less violent, argues Charles Pe?a.