Yoo Besmirches Legacy of Jefferson

Yoo propounded theories that elevated Bush beyond the bounds of federal or international law. As Yoo has acknowledged, his opinions could allow the President to crush a child’s testicles to

Good Muslim, Bad Muslim

Literature produced during the colonial era, especially by orientalist scholars, depicted Muslims in a binary manner. 'Good' Muslims were those who either collaborated with the colonial enterprise or accepted the

Mubarak’s recovery and Egypt’s future

Hosni Mubarak, the 81-year-old president of Egypt, underwent gall bladder surgery on March 6 in Germany. His recovery, normal for a man his age, sparked rumours that complications prevented a


In recent weeks, the Obama Administration has endorsed "healthy relations" between Iran and Syria, mildly rebuked Syrian President Bashar Assad for accusing the U.S. of "colonialism," and publicly apologized to

El-Shater’s family calls for his immediate release

Khayrat El-Shater the MB imprisoned deputy chairman has been taken ill once again according to reports by his daughter and defendant Alzahraa El-Shater

University guards assault female students in Azhar University

Coinciding with the assaults on the Muslims holy sites in Jerusalem and in particular the Aqsa Mosque are assaults on the college campus in Egypt.

Amnesty says Tunisia gov’t must end harassment of former political prisoners

Amnesty International called on the Tunisian President to end the daily harassment of former political prisoners as the country celebrates its national independence day on March 20.

Egypt’s women judges get favorable ruling

Egypt’s women judges welcomed a Constitutional Court ruling on Sunday that said women can be appointed to the country’s top advisory court. The ruling comes weeks after the State Council

Rachel Corrie and the image of Israel

When social justice activists like Rachel Corrie are branded terrorists and international human rights law becomes the enemy of the (Israeli) state - all in the name of winning the

What’s in a rumor Egypt?

Last weekend, Egyptians were wondering over the health of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak and if he had in fact passed away. It left the blogosphere and Twitter users going back