Abu Sha’ar: The US state department blessed the ruin synagogue building

The minister noted that the Israeli Haaretz newspaper said commenting on Crowley’s remarks that it had been the first time for a long period the US administration pointed the finger

Bardawil: The PA intent to hold a meeting on J’lem bid to spruce up its

The Hamas lawmaker also stated that the remarks made by senior Fatah and PLO official Yasser Abedrabbo in this regard are only for media consumption.

Ashaal: The only option to save the Aqsa Mosque is resistance

Egyptian professor of political science Abdullah Al-Ashaal stated Wednesday that the only option to save the Aqsa Mosque from Judaization is resistance, adding that the Arab countries must be aligned

Settlers’ attacks on Palestinians soar in March

A report by that administration on Tuesday said that some of those assaults were the result of wrangling between those settlers and the Israeli occupation forces that led settlers to

Musleh: European green light for PA to quell freedoms in WB

Musleh, during a visit of Hamas MPs to the Quds center for human rights, said that western security elements were training PA militias on torture means.

Sources: Jordan decided against improving relations with Hamas

Amman also decided against restoration of any kind of relations with Hamas in the foreseeable future, the sources said.

Settlers’ attacks on Palestinians soar in March

Jewish settlers' attacks on Palestinian citizens and property recorded an unprecedented hike during the current month of March, according to civilian administration of the Israeli occupation authority

Joint IOF-PA patrols in Salfit

Palestinians in the city of Salfit were angered over the sight of joint patrols of the Israeli occupation forces (IOF) and militias of the PA in Ramallah in their streets

Abu Marzouk champions broad plan to preserve holy sites

Dr. Mousa Abu Marzouk, the deputy political bureau chairman of Hamas, has advocated a Pan-Arab plan to support steadfastness of Jerusalemites in their city, warning that statements would be of

Three Islamic leaders freed from Zionist jails

The Israeli occupation authorities have freed three Islamic leaders from the West Bank after holding them hostages for prolonged periods.