Alkarama launches its 2009 annual report at the Human Rights Council session in Geneva

As part of a seminar on "Human Rights in the Arab world", during the Human Rights Council's 13th session held at the Palais des Nations, Alkarama presented its annual report

MB and opposition factors’ proposed bill rejected

Secretary of the people's assembly decribed the bill for political rights as inappropriate and did not match the regulations chartered in the constitution

MB offshoot in Jordan to choose leader this week

The Islamic Action Front the Muslim Brotherhood's offshoot in Jordan has announced that a shura council meeting is scheduled for the upcoming week

ElBaradei calls for democracy in Egypt

In a recent interview ElBaradei restated the significance of a constitutional amendment with regards to presidential elections

Ousted Islamonline’s employees launch new website.

The launching of a new website project titled "Alam Al-Umma" or "Islamic Nation Information," was revealed after the website Islamonline's employees were unjustly relieved from their positions on the website

Sheikh Ahmad Yassin (1938-2004)

Yassin who survived the Palestinian Disaster (Al Nakba) of 1948 learned an important lesson that impacted his intellectual and political life forever, a lesson that says Palestinians can only depend

A Statement Clarifying the Real Situation at

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