Ten Palestinians wounded east of Khan Younis

Dr. Muaweyah Hasanin, director of emergency services at the Palestinian Ministry of Health confirmed to PIC that ten Palestinians were wounded and that Ambulances rushed to scene to evacuate the

Bardawil: European awareness of Israel’s threat growing

Bardawil asked the Arab diplomatic missions to invest in those developments in a bid to expand the gap between Israel and Europe and to limit European support for Israel.

Palestinians abort Jewish attempt to slaughter sacrifices in Aqsa

Palestinian citizens and guards of the Aqsa Mosque on Tuesday repelled a group of fanatic Jews who tried to storm the holy site and slaughter cattle as a sacrifice on

IOA plans more expropriation of Palestinian land in OJ

The Israeli occupation forces (IOF) have barred farmers in Aisawiya town in occupied Jerusalem from reaching their farmlands in a bid to expropriate them later.

Bahar calls for unitary national plan to face encroaching Zionist danger

Dr. Bahar stressed the need for achieving the inter-Palestinian reconciliation in order to reach this goal.

Egypt police arrest Gaza children in Sinai

It has Egyptian rights groups and human rights advocates angered over the apparent use of force against children.

Jurists demand Supreme Constitutional Court supervision over election process

Jurists in Egypt called on authorities to assign the judiciary to fully supervise elections and to monitor the results of Egypt's upcoming polls.

Mansoura’s distinguished citizens invite ElBaradei

Dr Mohamed ElBaradei who has come to be known as "the President of conditions" will be visiting the city of Mansoura this coming Friday April 2nd during his public meetings

Rachel Corrie trial update

a Palestinian-led movement committed to resisting the Israeli occupation of Palestinian land using nonviolent, direct action methods and principles.

Weapons of War

White Phosphorus gained worldwide notoriety during the initial bombing campaign by the United States in Iraq and in the Falluja operation in the fall of 2004.