Palestinian scholars appeal to Muslims to defend Aqsa Mosque by all means

The association of Palestinian scholars on Tuesday appealed to the Arab and Muslim nations in general and the Palestinian people in particular to defend the Aqsa Mosque by all means

IOA closes Ibrahimi mosque before Muslim worshipers

The Israeli occupation authority (IOA) decided to close the Ibrahimi mosque before Muslim worships for two days starting on Wednesday to allow Jews to celebrate their Passover.

Palestinian gov’t calls for activating issue of Israeli war crimes in Gaza

The Palestinian government in the Gaza Strip on Tuesday called for activating the prosecution of Israeli war criminals at the Arab level and using all available files and documents that

UK Islamic rights groups welcomes PREVENT decision

This aspect of PREVENT is very clear to Muslim communities, in particular young people, and as such is deeply alienating.

Palestinian villagers clash with IOF soldiers

Palestinian villagers in Safa town to the north of Al-Khalil city on Thursday clashed with Israeli occupation forces (IOF) and Jewish settlers who tried to enter their village.

Khudari asks for practical steps to end the siege

Khudari in a press release on Thursday said that practical steps on the ground should be made to end the siege and open the crossings.

Belgium moves towards public ban of niqab and burka

Belgium is preparing to impose a nationwide ban on the niqab, or the face-covering veil.

Several MBs arrested after meeting with ElBaradei discussing reform

ElBaradei stressed that he would only consider running for the presidency, against Mubarak, under the condition of constitutional reforms.

Jewish fanatics plan to storm Aqsa on Thursday

The Jewish fanatic group the Temple Mount Faithful distributed a statement on Wednesday calling for a big march on Thursday in the Old City .

IOA closes Aqsa gates to block attempts to defend it

The Israeli occupation authority (IOA) has decided to close all Aqsa Mosque gates with the exception of three to abort any attempt to defend it against the expected storming by