Washington: Construction in OJ would not affect relations with Israel

The Hebrew radio reported on Saturday that a senior official at the US national security council highlighted, during a phone call with a number of American Jewish leaders, the strength

Israel: total boycott against total occupation

Antoine Raffoul argues that as the Israeli occupation is total and is sustained with the help of almost every institution and enterprise in the country, so must the boycott of

IOA confiscates Palestinian land in Jenin, detains West Bankers

The Israeli occupation authority (IOA) has confiscated new Palestinian land in Jalama village, north of Jenin, close to the borders with Palestine occupied in 1948, local sources said.

Shallah: Jerusalem events final offensive before judaization of the holy city

Dr. Ramadan Shallah, the secretary general of the Islamic Jihad Movement, has warned that the recent Zionist escalation in occupied Jerusalem was the last offensive before the complete judaization of

Israel and the “delegitimization” oxymoron

Alan Hart argues that in law the foundations upon which Israel claims legitimacy do not actually exist and that “only the Palestinians could give it the legitimacy it craved”. He

Israeli settlers pour boiling water on Palestinian workman in W. Bank

Savage Israeli settlers on Sunday physically assaulted Munjed Bisharat a Palestinian workman from Tammun city in Tobas before dousing him with boiling water.

Khudari: 60 percent of Gaza children suffer malnutrition and anemia

MP Jamal Al-Khudari, the head of the popular committee against the siege, stated Sunday that about 60 percent of Gaza children suffer from malnutrition and anemia and 35 percent of

IOF troops wound 5 demonstrators in OJ including 3 foreigners

Israeli occupation forces wounded five people including two Jerusalemites and three foreign solidarity activists in Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in occupied Jerusalem on Monday.

Erdogan: The fate of Istanbul is not different from that of Gaza

Turkish premier Recep Erdogan said Sunday that his speech at the recent Arab summit held in Libya focused on the common fate of the Arab and Turkish cities, the thing

Megiddo prisoners threaten to go on open hunger strike

The Palestinian prisoners in the Israeli Megiddo prison on Saturday declared their intention to go on an open-ended hunger strike if the prison administration persisted in refusing their demands and