Ankara slams Lieberman for his rude remarks about Erdogan

“The remarks show that Lieberman continues to violate diplomatic rules that govern international relations,” the spokesman added.

PLC calls for internationalizing issue of Palestinian prisoners

the PLC demanded the Arab League and the organization of the Islamic conference to take active steps in this regard and raise the issue of prisoners at UN institutions

MB deputy chairman Ezzat: We will continue our call for reform

Dr Mahmoud Ezzat confirmed to Ikhwanweb that they would continue in their cause stressing that Islam was a blessing which should be appreciated.

Erdogan: Israel the main threat to peace in the Middle East

Erdogan said that it is impossible to praise a country that exerted such excessive force in Gaza, including the use of phosphorus weapons

MB: No deal struck for senior leaders’ release

Freshly released MB senior leader and executive bureau member Dr Essam El Erian denied allegations that the MB group had struck any deals with the ruling authorities in turn for

Ruqub: Hamas to pursue all means to liberate prisoners

The spokesman appealed to the Arab and Islamic countries to act and save the prisoners and not to remain silent toward what is happening against them in IOA jails.

MB Deputy Chairman Ezzat and his colleagues leaving for home

Dr Mahmoud Ezzat deputy chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood and high ranking leaders who were leveled with false accusations have been issued release orders.

Arrest of Ikhwanonline reporter

An arrest warrant was issued by the Interior Ministry for the arrest of Hamdy Taha Ahmed, a reporter for the Muslim Brotherhood's official website Ikhwanonline.

Egypt: Brutal Treatment of Peaceful Protesters

The April 6 youth activist group organized this demonstration “to demand an end to 29 years of the state of emergency and amendments of Articles 76, 77 and 88 of

Settlers Destroy Al-Kurd Property: Two Palestinians Arrested

The Al-Kurd family, assisted by residents across east Jerusalem, recently reclaimed their garden during a commemoration of Land Day.