18 Palestinian prisoners held in solitary confinement

The prisoners' center for studies has said that the Israeli occupation authority (IOA) was holding 18 Palestinian prisoners in isolation cells including a woman.

Arrest of Israeli officer leading organ trafficking ring

The Israeli police said Wednesday it arrested a senior military officer leading a human organ trafficking ring that deals with other gangs in Europe active in this kind of crimes,

IOF troops raid southern Gaza, storm Doheisha

Israeli occupation forces (IOF) mounting 15 armored vehicles escorted four military bulldozers in a raid on east of Khan Younis city, south of the Gaza Strip, on Thursday.

Eloquent IslamOnline voice must not fail

A WIDELY popular Islamic website has been, until very recently, an undisputed success story. IslamOnline arrived at a time that millions of Muslims needed a common platform and a unifying

Egypt: Urgent statement about police brutality against female MB student in Beheira

"What happened indicates that it is becoming a general trend by the regime as police maltreat male and female university students warning that these measures will provoke counter-violence.

IOF disguised soldiers ambush four citizens, wound one

Israeli occupation forces (IOF) disguised in plain clothes ambushed a Palestinian car with passengers inside at the entrance to Beita village, south of Nablus city, on Wednesday.

Israeli minister threatens to cut off water supplies to West Bank

Israeli minister of infrastructure Uzi Landau has threatened to cut water supplies to the West Bank if the PA did not stop dumping untreated sewage.

Egypt’s health Minister under fire in parliament

In a recent parliamentary session Hamdy Hassan, from the Muslim Brotherhood parliamentary bloc accused the health minister of consenting to exceedingly expensive medical convoys.

Egypt blogger publishes MB families testimonies of state abuse, terror

The From Mahalla to Cairo blog highlighted the testimonies of the families of the recently detained members of the Muslim Brotherhood

Education, Religion & Secularism

If we study world history, we will see that just like every cell that has a nucleus according to scientists, prior to the rise of secularism as an ideology, the