ISESCO calls on UNSC to protect the Aqsa Mosque

Archeology experts of the Islamic economic, social and cultural organization (ISESCO) have called on the UN Security Council to immediately intervene to protect the holy Aqsa Mosque and occupied Jerusalem

Banned Under Bush, Muslim Scholar Tariq Ramadan Returns to US

Ramadan says he was kept out because of "The fact that I was very critical about the US's foreign policy." Critics claimed he donated to a Hamas-linked charity, and those

Sayyed: Security coordination with IOA a disaster

Abbas Al-Sayyed, one of the Hamas leaders detained in Israeli occupation authority (IOA) jails, has described the security coordination between the IOA and the PA in Ramallah as a "disaster"

US Dances Around Stance on Democracy in Egypt

The US has spent the past three decades supporting the regime of the Egyptian president, Hosni Mubarak, whose reign has been marked by allegations of human rights abuses and sweeping

Blue and white collar workers have common ground in Egypt

Egypt’s Investment Minister Mahmoud Mohieldin said Egyptian labor protests were focused on wages and contract demands at specific firms and did not pose a broader risk to local or foreign

Police seize video footage, mobile phones to remove all traces of repression

The violence used by the police in an attempt to suppress any visual record of this demonstration was particularly disturbing,” Reporters Without Borders said.

Egypt 6th April Aftermath: Interior Ministry floods newspapers with lies

The interior ministry started its statement with an unashamed lie, saying that the police acted violently only after being hit by stones.

Bitter religious rivalry in the air

SOME 300 journalists and other staff at IslamOnline, a popular website on Muslim affairs, have been staging a three-week sit-in that has captivated Arab media.

Hamas: Arresting Zionist war criminals is a must

The Hamas Movement has asserted on Friday that Israeli policy of committing massacres against the Palestinian people was a reflection of the Israeli arrogance that aims at uprooting the Palestinian

Khudari calls for activating popular support for the Palestinians

MP Jamal Al-Khudari, the head of the popular committee against the siege, has said that the Palestinian people would continue to defy siege and to work for regaining rights with