State security attack MB students injuring 7 and arresting 23

The charade against MB students continues in yet another series of brutal assaults as arrests continue.

Israeli Arabs urged to try ‘reverse discrimination’ against Jews

A leading Arab human-rights lawyer in Israel has suggested a novel and provocative approach to dealing with routine discrimination practised by Jews against Israel’s Arab minority: Arabs should start discriminating

It’s All about Reconciliation

Tariq Ramadan is a public intellectual who has been a figure of both much praise and much condemnation, occasioned by controversial statements and positions that have cast him alternately as

MB Chairman: Camp David Accords fruitless, and annulling is inevitable

Dr. Mohammed Badie, Chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), affirmed that the IOF-Egypt Peace Treaty "the Camp David Accords" has lost all its credibility. He described it as not complying

IOA turns West Bank villages into toxic waste dump

Israeli companies are dumping their chemical waste in the West Bank instead of moving them to the Negev where a special location was allocated for chemical refuse because of its

The dark underbelly of Israel’s security state

Not a word about the case leaked in Israel until this week when the security services, who had won from the courts a blanket gag order – a gag on

IOF troops round up 14 citizens including foreigners, journalists

Israeli occupation forces (IOF) rounded up 14 civilians in Beit Ummar, north of Al-Khalil, on Saturday night including foreign activists and journalists.

IOF troops raid Bethlehem, clash with youths

Israeli occupation forces (IOF) fired rubber bullets and sonic and gas bombs at residential quarters in Doheisha refugee camp in Bethlehem in a pre-dawn raid on Sunday.

Kuwait: Stop Persecuting Egyptian Opposition

Kuwait’s State Security forces should stop arresting and deporting expatriate supporters of Egyptian opposition candidate Dr. Mohammad ElBaradei, Human Rights Watch said Saturday. Kuwait should immediately release all remaining Egyptian

Kuwait: Clearly declare reasons for arresting Egyptians not breaking the law

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI) received what they described as “utterly disturbing news” of the arrest of Egyptians in Kuwait for supporting Mohamed ElBaradei and advocating democracy