Will Smith’s Last Pharaoh vs. Egypt’s History by Hollywood

Will Smith's latest project, The Last Pharaoh, is expected to be a mega action movie that will be seen by millions around the globe. Smith sits on the top of

Can Obama erase ‘Bush nostalgia’ in the Middle East?

Obama has reverted to Clinton-era policies in the Middle East. But Arab reformers are nostalgic for something more like Bush’s “freedom agenda,” which helped usher in a promising moment for

Arab League: IOA earmarked $15b to convert Jerusalemites into minority

The Israeli occupation authority (IOA) has earmarked 15 billion dollars to convert the Palestinian Jerusalemites into a minority in their own city, the Arab League Palestine and occupied lands sector

Haneyya gov’t: HRW report not true

Justice and prisoners minister Mohammed Al-Ghoul has described the Human Right Watch's report accusing the government of Ismail Haneyya of not reporting on violations during the Israeli war on Gaza

Hamas: Israel’s decision to expel West Bankers is a new Nakba

The Movement of Hamas on Sunday expressed its deep concern over the Israeli military decision to expel thousands of Palestinians from the West Bank, describing it as a new Nakba

Israel officially asks for new crossing with Jordan

Israel has officially asked Jordan to open a new crossing between them to be allocated for movement of Jordanian farmers into Israeli farms along the borders, Jordanian newspaper reported on

IOF troops round 10 Palestinians, IOA cuts water supplies to Palestinian village

Israeli occupation forces (IOF) rounded up ten Palestinian citizens in the West Bank at dawn Monday during raids that witnessed storming of their homes.

Gaza power station partially operates

The Gaza electricity company announced that the power generation station has been partially operating after limited quantities of fuel reached the Strip afternoon Sunday.

National committee: Israeli jailers try hard to intimidate hunger strikers

The higher national committee for the defense of prisoners on Sunday said that the Israeli prison administrations tried hard to intimidate Palestinian hunger strikers into stopping their protest steps but

Website workers defiant after boss dismissed

Employees at a popular Cairo-based Islamic website have vowed to continue their strike and launch a fundraiser to build a new site "to promote moderate Islam" after Qatar installed an